Friday, 19 October 2012

Mark Pollock

Mark pollock:
 Mark pollock is a man who inspires people to live their lives to the full because he cant as he is blind and in a wheelchair. Mark still atempts to take the possitives in life to the maximum. In 2002 Mark went blind in a matter of hours. Mark became blind due to a severd retina in the back of his eye. Mark had been studying economics in TCD. Mark had been a keen rower representing Ireland. Mark won a silver and a bronze in 2002 at the Commonwealth games in Manchester
   When mark went blind in 1998 he first thought that it was the end of his life and alomost gave up hope. Mark learned of the Good friday agreement while in hospital which uplifted him as he thought that if two groups of people who hated each other that much than he could continue to live his life as he is.

While being blind Mark competed in six marathons in seven days across the sahera this was a very big achievement in his life. Mark also competed in the south pole trek-race becoming the first blind man to do so he was accompanied on his quest by two others on his team , O'Donnell and Solheim the later a norwegian.
 In 2010 while at the henley regatta in England Pollock fell from a balcony, At first he was dead but medics restarted his breathing. Mark was now paralysed from the waist down from the fall. Mark spent 16 months in stoke-mandeville hospital in England before returning to ireland. Since than the mark Pollock Run in the dark has been set up in his name as Mark bids to be able to walk again. Friends who heard his story set it up because mark would be unable to travel over to America to have treatment and be able to walk without there help. Mark spends nearly every day in the gym working on getting more movement in his arms and legs with O'Donnell`. The mark Pollock run in the dark takes place once a year in November there are five different locations and many sub-locations where events are taking place. such aa Dublin , Belfast , Paris , Tokyo and Las vegas

Friday, 5 October 2012


WITNESS: a film Directed By Peter Weir 1985

Witness is about the murder that is witnessed by a little amish boy Samuel in a train station. The murder is so major because the chief of police was involved. In the train station we meet John Buck a local police law enforcer who is played by the world famous Harrison Ford.  Harrison plays the role of book very well. Book isnt infact very safe himself in the movie as we find out because apart from Samuel Book is the only other witness in the story that knows.Book is forced to move into the Amish communitey with all of the locals for his safety aswell as Samuel and Rachels safety. Rachel is the name of samuels Mother she too is also amish and is recently widowed to Samuels Father this is seen at the start of the film when there is a funeral in German and Rachel is seen crying before heading to her sisters house via train to Baltimore this is where the incident occurs with the bad police men and Samuel. Book Gets confonted by the Bad police man and is shot thats what leads him into hiding within the amish communitey. Book stays there beacause it is very hard to contact the amish communitey and they dont abide by the same laws as The law enforcements. they have amish law
Book finds it difficult to adjust to Amish society getting in trouble with Eli the elder who is most oftenly seen in the movie.This is because he is related to Rachel and disproves of the flanter between them the end of the fil is truly gripping and you can be the only WITNESS

Friday, 28 September 2012

The irish society of Autism

The irish soceity of Autism is the leading group that helps with Autism in Ireland. The lecture we had on the 25th of September. Mr Sexton came in and spoke very well on the topic that was Autism he is involved in autism because his son John Sexton has Autism . Johns son had Autism since the day he was born. John hasnt spoken in twenty years aloud. Mr Sexton decided to take decisive action in his sons life when he retired from teaching in an all girls secondary school there are different types of Autism the kids who dont speak , the kids that never shut up than therwe are children with ADHD. One in every 100 has Autism in 2012 while in 1980s it was one to every 500 had it this shows an increase over time..The society is working well with children who suffer from autism but like every charitey out there it struggles with the ratio of children to helpers which is why parents with autistic children have to play a big role in there son/daughters life

Friday, 21 September 2012

Children of Chernoybl

This past week We had two guest speakers speaking on behalf children for chernoybl. They spoke about the many different roles they had to take in fundraisng so they could go to chernoybl. The two speakers were both doing the charitey becasue they were related in with the rose of tralee. The female speaker was the 2011 rose of dublin. The male was an escort for the pageant when he spoke his facwe went very red as if he was embarerrased. They spoke about the possitives they did as they brought a lot of equipment with them suc as vaseline for the children who couldnt get out of bed the vaseline would help them move around a bit and un-stiffen there bones etc. Chernoybl itself is located in Belarus on the Belarus-Ukraine border. They spoke about he problems that chernoybl has caused to the Belarussian people and how many deny the problems that occue in the area even though therte is clear evidence that it did happen. The organisation was founded by Adi Roche back originally when the incident occured. ADI tirelessly for the children and gettig them seen to by the government and gaining support so the children receive more medical help than they are getting at the moment. The rose is more famous for her shuffle that she did which was known as the worst performance ever on the rose of tralee.

Friday, 7 September 2012

we wont on a fourth year trip to donegal the place was dun lewey it was thoroughly enjoyable. The trip was an irish culture trip that foutrths years in our school go on every year for approximatly three nights. We had to rise very early to get to the bus early in the morning which left the school at 7.45 am .fortunatly nobody missed the bus and we set off for dun lewey. The bus was long and boring but it didnt seem that way as everyone was so happy at the fact that we didnt have to attend school for three full days and off on holidays basically with all our mates. The bus was hot and stuffy and everybody was so glad when we got our break at a petrol station in the middle of nowhere. The vast majoritey of people bought food in the shop , food that would later make me feel very sick i think i bought a little bit too much food. We arrived at our youth hostel which had to be said was along with the petrol station was in the back arse of nowhere. The village of dun lewey didnt have very much to offer other than the fact that there was a petrol station that sold sunny D. The youth hostel was also nice as it was very modern.W made our marks in our room and relaxed for a while before heading down to dun lewey adventyure centre which was a grand ol' memory for me as i had previously been there in 5th class when my class went on a school trip to anagaire. In the adventure centre we were given a talk about the history of Dun Lewey and how it got its name and the people who owned the land on the adventure centre previous to it being an adventure centre There was rodeo bull and similar rides. The dinner there was good we had chicken burgers this was probably the highlight of the trip. the following two days we did activities in gartan which included bog-running and swimming an the final day we went to an old castle and learnt about the history of it

Zoltan Collis-Jewish Holocaust surviour